Flo-Rok Epoxy Adhesive Anchor - R. E. Glover Ltd. Supply

Epoxy Adhesive

Category Fasteners
Sub Category Anchor
Type Epoxy Adhesive
Sub Type Flo-Rok
Description 12oz and 28oz are to be used with a Flo-Rok Epoxy Dispensing Tool.

Working Temperature: -20 C to +30 C Curing Times: 30 C: 35 minutes 20 C: 50 minutes 5 C: 145 minutes -20 C: 24 hours Do not disturb stud during curing time.

Applications: Hollow wall anchoring applications; Rebar dowelling; Telecommunications equipment; Highway and bridge construction; Road and bridge Renovations; Benefits: Fast set; User Friendly; MTO approved; Stress free anchoring; Minimal shrinkage; Moisture insensitive; Non-sag formula; Suitable for both solid and hollow wall applications; Smooth flowing, non-drip, easy to control, long shelf life;

Application Masonry, Adhesive
Availability Stock Item.
Part Class FR5
Working TemperatureCuring TimesApplicationsTooling RequiredMore Features
-20 C to +30 C30 C: 35 minutes.

20 C: 50 minutes.

5 C: 145 minutes.

-20 C: 24 hours.

Do not disturb stud during curing time.

Hollow wall anchoring applications.

Rebar dowelling.

Communication equipment.

Highway and bridge construction.

Road and bridge Renovations

PA 1200 Manual Dispensing tool for 12oz tube.

PA 3500 Manual Dispensing tool for 28oz tube.

Drill bits.

Threaded rod / stud bolt / anchor bolt.

Hex nuts and flat washers.

Fast set.

User Friendly.

MTO approved.

Stress free anchoring.

Minimal shrinkage.

Moisture insensitive.

Non-sag formula.

Suitable for both solid and hollow wall applications.

Smooth flowing
easy to control
long shelf life.